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Dr. Reginald B. Cherry:

Reaching out with God's compassion for health concerns.

Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Dr. Cherry studied pre-med at Baylor University in Texas. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School in 1973 and did his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine and Radiology at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

In 1975, after practicing medicine with Dr. Kenneth Cooper at the Aerobics Center/Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Dr. Cherry opened his Houston clinic for the practice of diagnostic and preventive medicine. He specialized not only in the diagnosis of disease, but also in the use of nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements to significantly lower disease risk.

Then, through his ministry, he devoted his efforts to helping Christians stay healthy so they can go forth and tell others about Jesus and lead the lost into “His glorious light!” He is committed to developing every possible means to help people maintain their health so that they can truly fulfill the number of their days according to Exodus 23:26.

Reginald B. Cherry Ministries' assignment from God was to help people find their Pathway to Healing and abundant health. Once a person accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, the enemy can’t stop them from going to Heaven, but he can attack them with disease in their body and hinder all that they were called to do by God. Dr. Cherry wants every Christian to be a light to “their world.” But if the body of Christ is sick and diseased, it makes it hard to be any kind of light in this dark world. Jesus wants us healed, and God’s covenant to every born again believer is divine health. Dr. Cherry believes in using the natural health laws God gave us originally and appropriating them for our healing, and he has been called to help people walk in this health.

In addition to his over 30 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Cherry is the best-selling author of The Doctor and the Word (1996), The Bible Cure (1998), Healing Prayer (1999), and Prayers That Heal (2001). He has also published a series of God’s Pathway To Healing mini books on topics such as herbs that heal, menopause and prostate health. And for over two decades, Dr. Cherry and his wife, Linda, taught health and healing through their weekly television program, Doctor & the Word.

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